solo show @Triumph gallery, Moscow, Russia

solo show @triumphgallery
Moscow, 25.01-17.02.2019

Every one of us has contemplated what defines you as an individual, what affects your future? Could this be the choices we make every second? The present? Or does this “present moment” actually exist, or is there just the past, with the accumulated experiences and memories, and the future, with expectations, goals and dreams?

Everybody has lived through certain personal milestones that have defined, shaped and guided your present self to arrive to this point in time. These are the events that have formed us. Our actions are, in one way or another, based on our lived experiences and past decisions—be that just a moment ago or many decades since.
These can be our own actions, vows, promises, parental guidance, triumphs and failures, or trifles that we hold important for deeply personal reasons. We are looking back at them constantly, wittingly or sometimes not, getting flashbacks. It is a source of strength, inspiration, and energy to remain committed to your goals; sometimes, it is a reminder that helps us learn from mistakes and avoid them.

In Flashbacks, I share some of my memories from traveling: the places, events and impressions, the energy that I processed internally and grew from that, which has now taken form as a series of paintings.
These trips gave me insights that helped me better understand myself, affected my worldview and informed my future goals.
I would like to believe that this exhibition will become a bright memory for the audience, where as a result each visitor takes a moment to look at the world in a different way, to review their goals, and find the strength and inspiration they need.