Through creative process I gain an understanding of reality and my place in this world. I am exploring the world around me and analyze my experiences, the impact of emotions I felt at different times.

My works are an intricate interplay of memories and fantasies. They reflect the search for a balance between the intuitive, the subconscious, the radically free initial stage of working on a canvas and the clear, orderly and rational stage of bringing it to completion. By combining these seemingly opposing approaches, I create geometric compositions, which look chaotic at first glance, built with color and lines, referencing cubism, expressionism, and fauvism. These compositions are narrative experiments with frequent incorporations of recognizable images: faces, landscapes, etc. They can be perceived and felt individually, often in a most unexpected and personal way.

”DA!Moscow” Art fair, Triumph and Fineart galleries
HKWalls, Hongkong
”14C Art Fair”, @Hyatt Regency New Jersey, USA
“Flashbacks”, solo show, Triumph gallery, Moscow
”Mural Masters: A new generation”, the book by Kiriakos Iosifidis
“Territory of stars”, group show, Fineart gallery, Moscow

“Apologia for delusions”, group show, @MMoMA curated by Fineart gallery
”Loures Art publica”, street art festival, Loures, Portugal
”Urban Art Astana”, street art festival, Astana, Kazakhstan
”Stenograffia”, street art festival, Ekaterinburg
”Other Shores”, group show, Manege (Saint-Petersburg) 

“Enter the history”, group show, Moscow Museum, Russia
“Urban Art Show”, group show, NUNC! Gallery, Grenoble, France
“Loures Arte Publica”, urban art festival, Loures, Portugal
“Urban Art Fair Paris”, NUNC! Gallery, Paris, France
“Kvadrart”, group show, Wallery gallery, Stockholm, Sweden 

“Street Dealin X”, graffiti festival, Jakarta, Indonesia
Artwork in Streetarttoday, streetart muserum, Amsterdam
“Nature elements”, group show curated by “Artis project”
“Enemy”, group show, Sweater gallery, Ekaterinburg, Russia

“City - territory of love”, Group show, Fine Art Gallery, Moscow, Russia
“A Major minority”, group show, 1amgallery, San Francisco, USA
”#Project64”, group show, Optics pavilion, VDNH, Moscow
“Wall elements”, group show @Neurotitan gallery, Berlin 

“Rehlatna”, World Guinness record was set by more then 100 artist. The most longest graffiti scroll. Dubai, UAE
“Post graffiti & Abstract”, Group show, Geneve, Switzerland
“Wall elements”, group show @RUARTs Gallery, Moscow
“Artmossphere”, Street-art biennale, Moscow, Russia
“Urbanism: city in my head”, group show, museum of Moscow, Russia
“The New wave: Uncut”, group show, MSK Gallery, Moscow, Russia 

established a studio in Moscow
Street art and graffiti events

”Faces&Laces”, Moscow, Russia
”Baltic Sessions”, Tallinn, Estonia
”Versus Project”, Barcelona, Spain
Collaboration with Rubin415 at 5Pointz  in NYC
Roskilde graffiti, Roskilde, Denmark
”Like it Art”, Kazan, Russia
”Just writing my name”, Kiev, Ukraine
”Graff in the city”, group show, Paris, France
”Graffcity”, group show, Opera gallery, Paris, France
”Schwartz auf weiss: style needs no color. Vol.II” the book, Germany
”Droplab” the book, Italy
”Graffiti non stop”, Wroclaw, Poland
”Urbanize”, Sofia, Bulgaria
”Paint Methods”, Omsk and Krasnoyarsk, Russia
”Meeting of Styles”,  Germany, France, Poland
”Write 4 gold”, Russia, Germany, Poland
"Realization", Moscow, Russia
”Design 2000”, Moscow, Russia

Started graffiti career